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How to take action at the right time and achieve business results within 21 Days

They say it can take 21 days to form a new habit. If I am really honest I think it depends on the person itself how quickly you can form a new habit. However, I have witnessed with myself and clients that 21 days is a great benchmark. The goals I have seen achieved and how businesses have grown in this time have been amazing.

This has only been possible when we have adopted laser focus on ONE goal with deliberate intention and unwavering belief from day 1 to 21. The key is to be CONSISTENT when developing a new habit. Consistency is what allows your brain to effectively rewire and reprogram new thought processes.

It seems SO easy, but many people fail to do this. Why?

One of the issues at times for some people is accountability. According to research carried out from multiple sources, people with accountability partners for example are 95% more likely to reach their goals/intentions if they have someone specifically to work with on their goals/intentions compared to 65% who may just publicly commit to their goals/intentions.

However, I believe if you desire something and you have the right energy, mindset, and steps you can achieve anything at 100%.

This was one of the reasons I created my 21 Day Prosperity Challenge. It was something backed by a number of proven methods that I knew worked and had the accountability. However, it has also the tools to make sure you are working from the right energy, mindset and gives some direction on what steps to take every single day.

There are three areas I feel you can look at when you are trying to achieve your goals and I want to go into detail for you with each one.

Concentration and Focus

Research shows that when we multitask our productivity declines. Multitaskers generally struggle more than people who focus on one task at a time as it impairs our cognitive ability. That is why I always work with my clients on one task at a time. We then divert all our energy into that one step, one goal or intention. We are not meant to work in chaos we are meant to work in flow with balance and flexibility. You are unable to stay focused if you have multiple thoughts from all directions going on in your mind.


Evolvement and forming NEW habits for your prosperity

We as humans can stick to our old ways and old habits for far too long and it’s not until we see that we are doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result, that we understand change is required in what we are doing. This is when we need to pause, look at what we are trying to achieve from a different perspective and see where can we evolve, grow and adopt new healthy habits towards those goals/intentions we want to achieve.


Surrounding yourself with like minded people

The last thing you want is to have those around you that are not supporting your desire or placing the wrong energy around you. We want to be surrounded by people that support us, believe in us, and want to witness the prosperity we are thriving for. After all, spreading the love means we all experience the amazing journey of growth and progression. This is why I support fully community as much as possible because sharing and caring can go far further then staying in one place alone which can be lonely and demotivating. 

I would like to ask you a few questions to consider as you read this:

1) What is the one goal/intention you would like to work towards now?
2) Is there something you have tried over and over and reached the same result or is there perhaps a different direction you need to look at to achieve what you are looking for?

A different perspective is always a great start when we want to try something different or perhaps we want to try again but with a different outcome.

If you are interested in finding out how you can focus on that one goal/intention you may have (remember, we only want to work on one at a time), I would like to invite you to our 21 Day Prosperity Challenge.  This is specifically great if you are looking to start a new project or want some business growth. 

If I can leave you with one thought when you are building your business, go for what makes you excited and that works for you, not one way works for everyone and this is why when we are focused on our ONE goal/intention it needs to start from the heart, the passion for the destination you are heading.

As I said earlier if you desire something and you have the right energy, mindset, and steps you can achieve anything at 100%.