Always lead from your heart. Trust, have faith, and believe. If you can devote yourself to those three elements you will see you can never take a wrong turning on your journey, as your heart is your truth.

Rebecca Cross 


My Vision and Mission are to show as many as I can in this world how to stay on their true Path of Prosperity regardless of background, education, or current circumstances. Creating positive change together through Heartfelt Passion, Business, and Leadership one step at a time. Sharing Pulse on Prosperity® to as many individuals as I can so everyone has the opportunity to lead from their heart, as they are destined for. 


Maxine Gridley

My client testimonial would not have been possible had I not started working with Rebecca. Rebecca’s teachings, unwavering support and personal development she has supported my through, gave me the confidence in myself, my capabilities, and my ability to succeed. Since the day I met Rebecca, I have never looked back and gone from strength to strength, in both my personal life and business

Joyce Hardie

Working with Rebecca is a pleasure. She not only knows my business inside out, but she knows me too. She knows what things I will struggle with, sometimes before I do, and what to try when something doesn't work. She is passionate about what she does and nothing is ever a problem for her. I can't imagine being on this journey without her and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a business coach.




Everyone has a different journey, Pulse on Prosperity® is a proven and effective technique I created to help you refocus and simplify your path of prosperity. I have started to share across the world to allow as many as possible to start the journey of what they truly desire, regardless of the challenges in front of them.

If you are looking to create positive change personally or professionally and have a vision you are struggling to navigate, then I would love to hear more from you.
There are a number of different ways we can work together

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My name is Rebecca and I am a Visionary devoted to change in this world and to show as many as I can that each and everyone of us has the ability to create the prosperity we truly want and, more importantly, are destined for.

I have been building businesses for over more than a decade and it is something I am truly blessed in doing. I have helped businesses grow in many different ways, from £0 to over a £million turnover, with bigger teams, to an international franchise, from a one man band to a 6 figure Limited company and much more. I am on a journey to show that every single person who has a vision be that personally or professionally can find their prosperity regardless of their background, education or current circumstance. This is where Pulse on Prosperity® was born.

My belief is that everyone has the opportunity for a prosperous life, regardless of background, education, and circumstance. I believe that prosperity is what creates a better world for all living things. It's because of these strong beliefs that I created Pulse on Prosperity®

We all can thrive, however, those that survive don’t or can’t see the opportunities in front of them at times to see how to thrive once again.

Anything is possible! Change can and must happen, this is how the world evolves and expands.

You are part of that expansion!

I have evolved over the years and grown like we all have. And over those years my gifts as a Visionary, Energy Healer, and Leader have also grown. I see many things others do not and I can see around any given situation regardless of background or current circumstances.

When we connect to our heart and listen to what we individually want and not what the mind chatter or ego is shouting loud about, we begin to trust our path and see the turnings we are meant to take. It is my mission to show as many as I can how this can be done!

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