"The Energy you are in right now is what you need to listen to, not your ego and not everyone else." -Rebecca Cross


I believe how you live your life and build your business is dictated by you, and I am not into force or struggle; life really doesn't need to be when we are listening to our energy and our heart.


There is a unique path for us all and that is why we all have different journeys.

This is where I hope you see what step needs to be taken on the path you are on right now. If you would like to know more, then I invite you to simply have a chat to see where you are and where you really want to go.

My Vision and Mission are to show as many as I can in this world how to stay on their true Path of Prosperity regardless of background, education, or current circumstances. Creating positive change together through Heartfelt Passion, Business, and Leadership one step at a time.


Sian Scott

 What a lady, 4 wks of mentoring me in a direction of growing my business and skills. Did we have challenges! Yes Did she come up with solutions absolutely, a mind of great knowledge and passion, highly recommended.. Sian

Jane Sirel

 Thank you for boosting my motivation and confidence in pushing forward with my home sewing business. She guided me on how to build my business and to generate more sales. I sincerely recommend her to anyone who are stuck and unsure of the next step. She's great.

Pulse on Prosperity® 1:1 Mentoring


This is a bespoke Business Mentoring programme for you with the established Business.

Change is desired somewhere within their business

They have a successful business that they LOVE, foundations are strong, however, the vision of what they are aiming for is not quite being met (yet).

They are looking for steps to really expand the business from what has been built already and this is what they find challenging.

They are looking for counsel, guidance and an experienced Mentor they can trust to help them navigate their journey as the leader they crave.

They want change in the industry they work in.

They are looking for balance and craving flow.

If you want to investigate further, please do get in touch and we can have a chat


Breakthrough Session  

This is a bespoke 2-hour session you can book with me. 

This is ideal for you if you are not looking to invest with a Mentor long term right this moment in time, however, you are looking for some direction and steps to get you moving forward.


Theta Healing Energy Sessions 

Theta Healing® is a form of energy healing that can be used for self-healing or done for you by a Theta Healing Practitioner ( like me). It is a process done while I am in a meditative “Theta brain wave “state. I am able to access a heightened state of consciousness using mediation and psychic gifts. When I am in this state I am then able to “witness” the healing done by the energy I am tapping into using my third eye. 

If you are interested to experience one of these sessions or have any questions, please do feel free to contact me


I work very differently and I offer a number of different bespoke services to every client I work with, as I am not just about strategy.

I work with all my clients guided by my intuition and I am so proud of that. As a result of my advanced years in building businesses, continuous learning, healing, and upskill as well as other tools I use, everyone working with me has a different journey.

Your journey is custom-made for the results YOU are looking for and not for anyone else.


 Core Values

Myself and the members of my team stand by these with full heart and conviction.


Working towards positive change in all we do is a daily habit.


Doing what is right, always for the highest good.


Talking and listening from the heart; our heart will never lie to us and will always keep us on our Path of Prosperity.


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Lina G. Rugova

Ah, Rebecca knows her stuff! Us coaches and mentors lose ourselves at times and need someone like-minded to help us get through and navigate some unchanged waters. In just a short hour, we were able to figure out how, why, and where! I'm glad we’ve connected. I am looking forward to working together on the next project

Maria C. Krause

A good coach for me is the one that teaches you what worked for them. A GREAT coach is the one that leads you to find you what works best for you even if that didn’t work for them, and that what Rebecca is for me. She is a GREAT mentor, someone who listens, understands you and leads you to become your best self even if that means her secret sauce to success. She helps you shine your own light!


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