I have been there, self-doubt, fear, thinking of all that I didn’t have, the lack of clients, money, the relationships, the list goes on.

I have a story like many that involves adversity and my journey of healing will never end, but let me share with you some highlights to give you an idea of who I am and what I am like.

When I was young, my middle sister and I went through troubled times involving drug addiction, alcoholism, foster care, and much more. It never stopped me to push forward, I worked hard, pushed through education and worked within the corporate world for organisations like IBM and The Wall Street Journal. So funny when you reflect and think back to a life you felt was the one that society said you should have: get married, have children, have money and you must work hard to be happy, to ensure you have all the things you want in life. Back in 2008 life changed again and I was lost and alone, and what I had worked so hard for had started to crumble. I decided I was going to make some huge changes.

Tatjana Obradovic-Tosic

Productivity Strategist

"Before I started to work with Rebecca, I was putting so many hours out there with crickets. Pure crickets. My mindset was far away from success one, and I knew I need help if I want to build my business. I have been working with Rebecca for 6 months now, and I am not planning to leave her. What can I say, I won a contract with the United Nations! My mindset, daily practice and knowledge switched in such a magical way. Entrepreneurship is hard, but she makes that process so fun and rewarding, that you will not regret a minute. Your business will grow, your client will come, but the major shift is in your confidence that you are with a right coach, at the right time, doing right things for yourself and your business."

I was a single mum in lots of debt and had no idea what I was doing. However, I had this knowing I will help where I can to not allow history to repeat itself. When I say history I am talking about experiences I have had in my personal life and what I see over and over in society. I have always wanted change in so many ways, not just for myself and my family but also for others.

When I was 38 I was called to practice Theta Healing, which is a form of Energy Healing, and I was called to bring this into my business mentoring. As the months went by my spiritual gifts started to become apparent and have been growing stronger and stronger ever since. I have been led to where I am now and I have been reminded of who I am which has been an eventful journey in itself, I can tell you.

I have had many businesses over the years and created great success for myself and for others; not all businesses made me lots of money and impactful change, some flopped, and some have thrived and are still with me today. I have had many lessons to learn and I am grateful for every one of them. What I can say is that I am someone who is now devoted not just to my family but to the highest good and this is a blessed journey I am extremely grateful to be on.

Chantelle Botha 

Since working with Rebecca, my thinking has gone from linear to exponential. As a coach, I have been aware that my cap is my hours, but Rebecca has shown me how to expand that thinking and provide more value with the digitalization of my products. I have also realised a long-held dream of becoming a digital nomad since working with her. I have been traveling South Africa for the last two months, and plan to continue indefinitely – running my business and absorbing the beauty in the world around me. My growth in mindset is only just beginning, and under Rebecca’s tutelage, I am becoming more aware of just how limitless it is. I will be Rebecca’s first millionaire before the end of 2021!

I am now a mum of three with two boys and one daughter and a loving supportive husband and I am devoted to show them and everyone what is possible when we lead from within.

I carry that devotion through my work with Stepping into Greatness and Pulse on Prosperity, showing my clients and others that they can build the vision they see. I have helped many build and see what is not always obvious at first. However, what is important to remember is that we all have the choice to step into our greatness and you are never deprived of what is meant for you, ever! If you are willing to start working from a place of faith and not from fear! 

Building a business is no easy task. I am not pretending it is. However, I am about change, and change requires shifts around the Energy you’re projecting, the Mindset you have, and the Steps you are taking to create the reality you are trying to achieve for yourself and for others.

Claudia Tinnirello 

I love my job and being coached and mentored by Rebecca makes me feel empowered to run my business the best possible way. I can now visualise my future and I love what I see. I had no direction whatsoever of where my business and I where heading to. I was completely lost. I was scared of everything: talking to clients, charging for my work, getting seen in public and even doubting about going and getting a job somewhere else and give up on my dreams. I have been working with Rebecca for over one and an half year now, and I couldn't be where I am today without her. Everyone should have a Rebecca in their life; I couldn't image my life without her. She is the best coach and friend you could ever have in your life. Her approach is so practical and down to earth, and she really listens to you and offers not only business support, but also everything else that goes around you and your life. Rebecca is already going above and beyond my expectations, listening to all my wishes and needs, and I couldn't ask for anything more. I love you Rebecca xx

I believe anyone can set an intention of what they want for themselves and for others and achieve it. I believe everyone has the wisdom and answers within themselves to achieve the success they are looking for. I love guiding those on their path through intuition, energy, mindset, and strategy.

Below are some areas my clients find themselves in when we first speak.

· They have a business that they LOVE but something feels not quite balanced.

· Sales are not as they should be.

· They are unclear about what they are trying to achieve, what purpose they are driving towards.

· They are truly fed up with social media and exhausted and frankly fed up with the business practices they are being exposed to.

· They have zero consistency and are really in FORCE mode which is not serving.

· They have a spiritual connection they want to explore.

How I work is different; I do see a client's business in a different way perhaps from how they may see it and it’s very exciting to witness the results we produce.

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