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How to use your energy to grow your business in the right way!


Energy is all around us and we really must pay more attention to the Energy we are in as this has a huge impact on the outcome of our day.

Imagine if you are feeling lethargic, thoughts of “is this all worth it”. If you are working all hours but feeling you’re not quite getting to where you need to be. Perhaps you’re procrastinating and just simply not feeling it. You can imagine that this energy around you is not going to attract the results and the growth you are looking for in your business.

In fact, this energy is taking you to a place of feeling out of alignment and not balanced overall.

If you have read any of my other blogs or follow me on social media, you will notice I talk a lot about listening to how you feel and how you can understand that feeling by responding and not reacting. How this gives us a moment of time to pause and bring in patience, which allows an opportunity of change or reassurance that we are where we are meant to be at that time.

When I work with my clients the first thing that I teach is understanding our Energy, as we will always lead with this first.

This will then have a huge impact on your Mindset that will result in the empowered action you are meant to take next towards the results you are craving.

Remember Energy is first, we are all energy, we attract what we put out. So if you are feeling out of alignment you will attract more of what is currently being projected.

This is why we want to look for an injection of Energy during these moments to help us respond in the right way and this can happen at any point of your day.


I would like to share with you three steps you can take.

To do this you need to work on three areas. First, your Energy, second your Mindset, then thirdly the empowered motion towards the right action that is aligned to take at that given moment.

Business, as we know, is an eventful journey and there are days you will be feeling amazing for what is to come, other days you will be feeling maybe a little worried, overwhelmed, less confident than perhaps the day before, you may need a little help or simply some reassurance that you are on track.

I know we all have the answers within us to work this out regardless of background, experience, or circumstance and you can 100% experience the growth you are looking for if you can follow these three simple steps.


Step one

Please remember and believe that possibilities are endless, you are limitless. There is one aspect of your business that never changes which is your WHY your VISION and WHO you want to help.

I hear many times from many people that they lose their passion or have become complacent of their direction of where they are trying to get to. 

Do you have a VISION? If not you need to write one and read it over and over again. Make a plan of those first few steps and start to make this VISION into a reality.

If you have one then let me ask you, when was the last time you reminded yourself of it? I read mine frequently because I want to make sure I am aligned to what the bigger picture of what I am trying to do is. I also love reminding myself when I’m on my run or out in nature and releasing endorphins. (all contributing to a better mindsetšŸ˜‰)

Get EXCITED, BELIEVE, shout out loud why you and your business are the real deal.


Step two

Reach out to someone today that may be able to guide you to that first or next step you have worked out from your plan.

Perhaps you are clear on that step but require help to get something off the to-do list.

It’s an action that will help you build more relationships, stronger connections and push you forward towards your vision. More than that if you can collaborate to bring another skill set towards your vision to help make this into reality how cool is that?!


Step three

Continue shifting energy and mindset first - Steps 1 and 2 are one of many actions you can take to shift and boost your energy and to change frequency. Then Act on what needs to be done.

Energy shifts, mindset changes, positive action is taken.

Have an amazing day and remember you can achieve all you desire, you just require to be aware of the energy you are in to ensure that you are creating what you want.